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Deborah Widdick

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What does it mean to stay connected to your hometown in the age of the internet?

Deb Widdick is a marketing professional and the founder of Globelle Travels, a community for female travellers & adventurers that connects, teaches, and inspires through shared experiences. She has a keen passion for travel, sustainability, philosophy and all things digital.

Having spent her formative years within West Essex, and given her interest in driving both online and offline connection in her career, Deb will be exploring what it means to stay connected to our hometowns in the age of the internet.

She will explore what it means to consider a place your hometown, and look to define the varying levels of what it can mean to stay connected to it. She will also review how our ability to access information via the internet has impacted how we stay connected to our hometown, and how it has changed how we interact with those we may have met throughout our formative years.

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