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David Corfield

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Holding On: Maintaining our Authenticity in a Rapidly Changing World

Like the Olympics or the World Cup, David Corfield returns to the TEDx stage after four years. His first talk, The Real Problem with Robots Taking Our Jobs, started the conversation on the impact of job automation on identity and mental health. Four years later, with artificial intelligence automating jobs earlier than most people expected, David will discuss how we can all maintain our authenticity and sense of self in a world that is changing at an ever-faster rateā€¦and has no plans on slowing down.

David runs the largest community of AI governance researchers, aligned on a mission to mitigate the risks from the development of transformative AI and ensure that it is used for the good of humanity. He writes about the impact of transformative technology on society at his website What Future World?, asking what we really want from the technology we are striving to build.

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